Is Your Home Ready For Fall/Winter?

Fall is already here, but there should still be a few weeks of pretty decent weather ahead of us, giving you time to prepare your home for the much colder months to come, if you haven't already done so.

We thought now would be a very good time to remind you of some of the maintenance tasks that need to be done as soon as possible.

Trees and shrubs - Pruning really helps to minimize the potential for broken branches in stormy weather. If you have dead branches or leaves that are changing color very early, or if you spot exceptionally thin or brown pines, then some form of treatment may be necessary.

Gutters and downpipes - Carry out appropriate checks of your home's rainwater management systems, ensuring that gutters and downpipes are free of debris that can cause blockages. It's important to continue to monitor the situation as leaves fall. Ensure that your downpipes aren't discharging water to your foundations and re-route as applicable.

Roofs/siding/brickwork - Check now for any signs of damage before water ingress becomes an issue. A pair of binoculars can be really useful when inspecting your roof or other elevated areas.

Seal gaps - Critters will also be keen to stay warm, so make sure you don't have unwanted guests by sealing up any holes where wildlife might enter the property.

Sprinklers - These should be winterized by draining water from pipes and using compressed air to blow air through them.

Railings, walkways, drives - Make sure these are all in good shape and capable of easy snow removal. And, as arrival of the first significant snow can often be quite sudden, make sure you have plenty of ice melt in stock.

External faucets - These are prone to freezing, which can in turn cause pipes to burst in the home. Polystyrene faucet covers are very inexpensive and offer excellent protection. Be sure to fit them before the first freeze. Hoses should also be drained and stored indoors.

External lighting - With more hours of darkness happening soon, effective external lighting becomes more important, both from a safety and security perspective. So make sure all bulbs are functioning and decide if some areas of your property could benefit from better lighting.

External paintwork - If paint is flaking outside, as it often can after many months of heat and sunshine, now is the time to touch it up for protection over the coming months.

Heating systems - Now is the time to get your annual service done. Prevention is so much better than cure.

Ceiling fans - As it gets significantly colder, don't forget to reverse the air direction to redirect rising heat back down into the room.

Windows and doors - Check now for any signs of air leakage, and use appropriate sealants, weatherstrips etc. You'll enjoy a more comfortable fall and winter and have better energy/cost efficiency.

Smart thermostats - The latest smart thermostat devices offer great all year round temperature control and can reduce your energy bills too! Some of them even allow you to change the temperature via your smartphone or by voice using systems such as Amazon Alexa.

We hope you find at least some of these tips useful. As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to real estate.