Why There's Much To Be Thankful for in Iron County Real Estate

Well Thanksgiving week is almost here and everyone here would like to wish you a great upcoming holiday.

There's so much to be thankful for in Iron County real estate at the moment.

We've seen excellent price growth and a growing number of people moving into the area, raising demand levels and giving sellers even better returns than we've seen in recent years.

Mortgage rates have remained very low, despite some occasional upward pressure, and it's noticeable that even when rates have risen a bit, that has done little to dampen the enthusiasm of buyers, who are aware just how good a time it is to get on the home ownership ladder, or upgrade, while borrowing is still so relatively inexpensive.

The traditional selling seasons are now less pronounced and we're seeing strong year round sales figures.

I read recently that we're back to the boom market conditions that we last saw over a decade ago. The really encouraging thing this time is that circumstances are a lot more sustainable today and, thanks in part to better lending standards and a much more robust employment market (unemployment is only half what it was in 2010!), there's every reason to expect this most welcome of trends to continue.

Hopefully you'll get some relaxing time to yourself in the coming days and, if your thoughts are heading towards a possible move either now or in the New Year, I hope you'll consider just how favorable market conditions are, especially as we still have a shortage of available homes for sale, and the consequent advantage to sellers of very often holding, or even exceeding, asking price and having more visibility for their homes as there's less competition.

Have a great time this Thanksgiving. Thank you all for being such great customers yet again this year and don't hesitate to contact me today if I can be of any help.