Why It Makes No Sense To Take Your Home  Off The Market For The Holidays

It's quite possibly the biggest myth in real estate...

Every year, all over the nation, sellers temporarily withdraw their listing for the holiday season, incorrectly reasoning that they have no chance of receiving an offer until they relist in the New Year.

This is simply a huge mistake. Here are just some of the very serious and motivated buyers you'll miss who will be very active in the coming weeks:

  • Job relocators. This is the peak season for job changes requiring a home move. These buyers need to be in their homes before their new role starts at the beginning of 2022.
  • Buyers looking to finalize a home sale before year end for tax reasons.
  • Those wanting to be in their new homes in time for Christmas entertainment etc.
  • There will be less choice for buyers in the coming weeks and, as a direct result, a strong chance of an exceptional return on sale.
  • The holidays are actually a great time for those buyers who are able to take time off and focus on making an informed decision without any distractions.
  • This is an emotion-laden time of year, meaning that buyers are more likely to view your home favorably and make an offer.

Remember also that, by selling now, you can be a non-contingent buyer in the spring when there are more houses on the market for less money, enabling you to sell high and buy low.

And if you are concerned about viewings when you are entertaining in your current home, you can arrange with your agent for no showings to take place over an agreed time period.

Your home will also be looking so welcoming with seasonal decor, so what better time to show it off!

We are seeing an impressive number of home buyers still actively searching for a home, unquestionably encouraged by the recent drop in mortgage rates. They most certainly aren't postponing their home search, so it makes no sense to suspend your listing...

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