Why Is A Great Listing Agent So Important In This Fantastic Seller's Market?

Iron County is enjoying unprecedented real estate market conditions right now.

Demand for great properties is sky high and there's huge competition among buyers, eager to secure a home in this ever faster growing area. It's becoming increasingly common for properties to be under contract very, very soon after they are listed.

There's no question that it's a great seller's market right now. Arguably it has never been better for those who do decide to list in this moment of astounding buyer sentiment and high pressure on inventory of available homes in every market sector.

So why, you might ask, is it still so important to make the right choice of listing agent if buyers are so eager? Isn't it just a case of listing and waiting for the offers to flood in?

Were all listing agents operating equally, then the above questions might be very valid.

However this is emphatically not the case and, in order to achieve top dollar and a sale in a time frame that's right for you, it's still essential to team up with a top producing agent.

Here are just some of the main reasons for this:

Pricing - Prices are constantly on the move at the moment and it's absolutely vital that your agent is right on the pulse with this when setting the right asking price, so that you make the most of the stunning opportunities at present. A strong current track record of success is a good sign. Make sure you ask to see it.

Marketing - Just because the market is so ignited doesn't change the basics of selling and your agent needs to be able to demonstrate a vigorous, robust and comprehensive marketing plan. This ensures that the maximum number of qualified buyers are being informed of the presence of your home, so that the pool of potential offers is optimal.

Connections - Long established close relationships with past clients, other influencers and, critically, the area's top buyer's agents, further enlarge the circle of potential qualified buyers. And as a lot of people are moving into the area, ask your agent what his/her connections are with other agents in areas, such as California, where they may be selling existing homes and networking to see what availability is like in places like here for those clients who are looking to move out of state.

Tenacity - Is your agent just concerned with selling the home at any price, or maximizing your return? It's a very valid question. Ask agents to show you how they've achieved top dollar for clients in recent weeks.

Your next home - Things often move very fast in today's market and working with a top agent helps to ensure that your key goal of seamlessly moving into your next home is realized. That's always more difficult if your agent isn't making strenuous efforts to get your current home sold as soon as possible, for the highest return.

Full service - Ensure that your agent offers an expertly staffed full service, from initial listing to completion and beyond. This helps everything to progress smoothly and efficiently, which is so important at the moment.

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