Where Do Potential Home Buyers Come From? You Might Be Surprised!

The above map is generated monthly by our website provider.

It shows the number of impressions, or views, on our website for July and, as you can see, although the majority of our site visitors are, naturally enough, based the Utah/Nevada/Southern California corridor, we do, in fact, attract potential home buyers right across the country.

This demonstrates that a lot of people from elsewhere are looking at homes and a possible move to this area. Our extensive online communication strategy is ensuring that, when you list with us, your home is getting exposure right across the nation.

Our website is built with advanced tools that help to attract visitors with an interest in properties in the area and we also build on this with our social media campaigns and other initiatives geared to attracting more attention to your home.

We saw a tremendous influx of newcomers here during the pandemic, but this map shows that interest from other locations is still very much alive and a reflection of how increasingly popular our wonderful part of the world is still becoming.

Why not get in touch with us at 435-327-2090 and find out more about how we go the extra mile to get your home exposed to as many potential buyers as possible.