What Will I Miss If I Take My Home Off The Market Until the Spring?

We hope you had a great Halloween and here we are at the start of November, with the holidays suddenly coming into view.

Another tradition at this time of year is for sellers to make the very unwise decision to withdraw their homes from the market until the Spring.

The general misconception appears to be that, because the holidays are in sight, people won't be interested in looking at homes.

The idea that no one is buying right now is probably the greatest myth in all of real estate.

Some buyers want to be in their new surroundings for the holidays (Christmas is still very achievable), while others will be anxious to complete their purchase before year end for taxation-related reasons.

It's also the busiest time of year for job relocation, with some highly motivated buyers working hard right now to be moved and ready for their new role in early January.

What tends to categorize buyers at this time of year is that they are working to a deadline of one kind or another.

Disappear from the market and you'll missing the opportunity to receive offers from buyers who, if all works well, won't be around in the New Year.

And the fact is that, no matter how much they are told to do otherwise, some sellers will still put a temporary halt to listing, which in turn means you'll have a lot less competition for a while, and a better chance of holding your asking price.

These sellers will be back, however, and if you join their ranks, you'll be arriving back on the market at more or less the same time as all of them, meaning increased competition which could also mean less money for you!

And have you also considered how great your home will look to buyers when it's seasonally decorated? They'll also be in a more emotional state than normal and thus more likely to make a deal.

In addition, you'll effectively be starting again from scratch is you don't list again until the New Year, losing all the marketing momentum you've built up to date.

Why not contact us today and we can talk about effective strategies to promote your home during this unique, and lucrative, period in the real estate calendar.