Sell over the holidays? Or, wait until the New Year?

As we approach the end of the year, and with the holidays in sight, many consider the option of pulling their property from the market. Others that are wanting to sell consider waiting until the New Year. With all that goes on during a busy holiday season these are very understandable concerns.

However, here are some things to consider when making a decision:

  • Buyers vs. Lookers. At this time of year buyers are almost invariably very serious about finding a home, rather than casually viewing.
  • When does your home look, smell and present better than during the holidays!
  • Some buyers are very motivated to move in before the holidays, encouraging quick sales.
  • Others need to complete their property transactions by year end for tax reasons.
  • January is traditionally a time when most job relocation occurs and some buyers are already looking to complete their move before their new job starts at the beginning of 2023.
  • The mid-term elections will be ending very soon, removing a further layer of recent uncertainty in the market.
  • The approach of the holidays inevitably puts buyers in a more emotional state, making positive purchasing decisions more likely.
  • Some buyers may feel that delaying their purchase until the New Year risks seeing even higher mortgage rates in operation.
  • No matter how good the advice, some sellers will inevitably decide to take their home off the market until 2023. This means you'll have less competition in the coming weeks if you keep listing, improving your chances of finding a buyer and making your asking price more robust.

At the end of the day we understand the concerns and respect whatever decision works best for you and your family. We are here to help and look forward to assisting you in the best ways we possibly can.

Why not reach out to us today at 435-327-2090 and find out more about how we can still help you to get your home sold this year.