For Sale By Owner? - It's Your Call...

Can owners sell on their own? Answer: yes, without question. Yet, at what cost? How much are they potentially leaving on the table?

When solely focusing on an agent's commission, an owner might not truly understand the real VALUE a professional Realtor brings to the table. Not to mention a few other safety concerns when selling on their own vs. hiring a professional.

Maximizing Exposure - We've built a complete professional structure to market your home. This includes membership of the local multiple listing service (MLS), our website, social media and other market communications techniques and personal connections designed to reach ALL qualified and motivated buyers, not just locally but nationally and beyond.

Market Knowledge/Statistics - We study a wide range of MLS and industry market data that you don't have direct access to. This enables us to cast an experienced eye over stats and fine tune our marketing strategies and tactics to match ever-changing market conditions.

Handling Buyers and Showings - DIY selling means it's you who'll be making all the appointments to view your home. You'll also be showing it too! Unfortunately, because you've not hired an agent and have no MLS and little or no market exposure, you very likely won't be busy anyway...

Priced to Sell - We operate in this real estate market on a daily basis, meaning we totally understand it and your home is expertly priced to obtain the maximum amount of buyer interest, as opposed to being unrealistically priced on your emotions as to what you think it's worth vs. actual market value. 

Handling Negotiations - Just who is shopping homes for sale by owner? Quite often it's the buyer identifying the opportunity for a steal by dealing with an inexperienced seller/negotiator. We are skilled in the art of negotiating a sale to achieve top dollar for our clients, having identified and targeted buyers who are willing to make a reasonable offer, based on market value.

Better Safety/Security - Go it alone and you'll be letting complete strangers view your home. We ensure that all home viewers have been through a thorough pre-qualification process.

Dealing with Legalities/Paperwork - We oversee all legal documents and closing procedures for your home sale. Go it all alone and it's all down to you and that can be daunting and very risky, especially if you have no experience of handling these matters.

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