Safety and Security Around The Home This Holiday Season

The holidays are now very close and it's always a busy time around the home.

It's therefore all too easy to become so preoccupied that safety and security issues can get overlooked.

So here are what we hope are some helpful tips as you make your preparations:

Going Away? - Use light switch timers to create an illusion of occupancy at night. Ask your neighbor to collect any newspapers or other items that may accumulate on your front yard.

Prevent Electrical Fires - December is statistically the worst month of the year for electrical fires. Make sure that items like your Christmas lights are properly maintained and functioning as they should. It's also not a great idea to leave festive lights on overnight, so switch them off before you retire.

Kitchen Safety - Thaw meats in a refrigerator and don't store them at room temperature for unsuitably long periods. Don't position hot foods at the edges of countertops and tables, where they can be a scolding hazard to children and pets. Consider trying to minimize the time the kids and animals spend in the kitchen at the busiest times.

Electrical Outlets - Never overload power strips beyond their stated capacity and don't attempt to link cords together to reach a wall socket. Buy a single cord with adequate inlets for your needs.

Gift Wrap - It's a sensible idea to collect this as presents are open and dispose of immediately after your gifts are opened to prevent fire hazards. Tinsel can be fatal to cats and dogs if swallowed, so make sure this is not left lying around.

Toys - Make sure you read the safety instructions before you wrap gifts as you'll likely have little or no time to do so on the big day.

Drinks - Don't leave half empty late night drinks lying around at the end of the evening - the kids are likely to be up and around very early at holiday time.

We hope at least some of these simple tips will act as a useful reminder. As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today if you have any questions related to real estate.