Preparing Your Home For The Warmer Months Ahead

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy Easter weekend.

Although it's quite early this year, the Easter holiday is usually the point in the calendar when thoughts start to turn to the warmer months everyone always looks forward to so much.

Luckily we have a good amount of sunshine already, even though it can still freeze in the evenings. There are some promising temperatures being forecast in the next few days, with maximum temperatures approaching the high 70s over the weekend!

It's therefore an ideal time to begin to turn your attention to those important seasonal tasks that, if dealt with now, will make things smoother and more enjoyable in the coming months.

Here are some key tasks that you can begin to address:

Roofs and gutters - Inspect the roof for any signs of winter damage (binoculars can help). Make sure trees are a few feet away from the roof to protect paintwork and avoid an easy path for critters to enter the home. Gutters and downpipes should be clear of leaves etc, to ensure good water flow.

Walkways - Harsh weather can damage or move pavers or bricks. It makes sense to pressure wash your walkways and look for anything that's changed in the past few months, including filling in any cracks in concrete.

Paintwork - Again an inspection for winter damage pays dividends. Wood surfaces, including decks will benefit from a pressure wash. This will also help to reveal any areas requiring fresh paint or wood stain.

Decking - Apart from checking the state of the deck finish, pay attention to the deck structure too, making sure that nothing has changed over the winter which would affect the ability to sustain additional loads in spring/summer events.

Aircon - This is the best time to get your aircon serviced, rather than waiting for something to go wrong when you most need your home to feel cool. Make sure your external aircon unit is clear of vegetation and any other airflow obstructions.

Lawn sprinkler systems - Make sure your entire irrigation system is functioning as it should and effect any necessary repairs. Adjust controllers to avoid wasteful and potentially costly excess water usage. While the possibility of a sudden freeze will recede as the weeks go by, you need to factor in weather conditions when deciding when to begin watering.

Sealing windows and doors - Making sure these building apertures are sealed in spring and summer is no less important than in fall and winter. The reasons for doing so are, of course, very different. Air leakage around windows and doors can lead to unnecessarily high air condition costs, so now is an ideal time to be inspecting for any seal damage and making appropriate repairs.

Window cleaning - Cleaning winter dirt off your windows is best carried out on a cloudy day to avoid the possibility of water streaks.

Screens - Winter can take a toll on your home's screens and they won't do their job of keeping out critters if they have degraded since you last wanted to assist airflow with open windows and doors. It therefore pays to make extensive checks now and to repair any damage.

Fencing - While big problems in fencing don't need a close inspection, now is a great time to have a detailed look for any weakened areas and to make repairs.

We hope you find at least some of these reminders useful. As ever, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding real estate.