Mortgage Rates News Makes Listing Your Home Right Now Even More Attractive!

Earlier in the month we wrote about the advantages of not waiting until Spring to list your home.

Since then there have been a couple of important developments making early entry in the 2020 real estate market even more attractive.

It has been widely reported in the past few days that mortgage rates have dipped to the lowest levels in January since 2013. And it has just been announced that rates are also at a three month low.

This can only enhance already high levels of buyer sentiment, as borrowers seek to lock in a very low rate while it is still available to them.

While some sellers will incorrectly think that there's no rush to list and will wait until the weather improves, many buyers are taking a very different view and are acting now before any possible change in a very, very favorable situation.

Why miss out? And don't forget that the current low rates will make any borrowing for your next home cheaper.

Please don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss the best forward selling strategy for you, taking all your individual circumstances into consideration.