More Buyers Are Looking For Homes But Are You Benefiting?

ShowingTime is a company of leading real estate analysts. They have been publishing their Showing Index® report for over four years now.

Showing Index® measures foot traffic across available homes for sale, tracking average numbers of buyers viewing homes and thus providing a useful indication of the current levels of buyer sentiment in the market.

The really great news for sellers is that the latest Showing Index® Report demonstrates the highest national index rating (166.8) since ShowingTime started the survey!

Here, once again, is more proof of what we see on a daily basis more locally.

Buyers are out in force and ready to purchase. The next question is are you in a position to take advantage of it?

If you've been considering listing your home, but have remained undecided, you're currently missing out on showing it to so many extremely enthusiastic and well qualified potential purchasers who are also making inquiries with us at an unprecedented level.

And don't forget that there's a shortage of properties across most market sectors, with competition among buyers leading to multiple offers that can take the eventual sold price above what was initially being asked for the property!

Why not contact us today and start to turn this wonderful situation to your advantage!