The Market's Doing Great, But Don't Be Complacent When Presenting Your Home

We are currently seeing what is arguably an unprecedented seller's market in Iron and Washington Counties, with incredible levels of demand for homes in the area.

It might therefore be assumed that the normal levels of meticulous preparation of your home for sale are not so vital, or even necessary, at present.

In reality, however, nothing has changed in terms of the importance of making your home look as good as it possibly can.

Ultimately, buyers still have choices and, while low inventory levels of available homes might not be ideal from their perspective right now, it's still the case that the most impressive homes will sell fastest and for more money.

Of course, mindful that they could have fewer options than they might wish, buyers might make some compromises when one or two small details aren't exactly what they would ideally like to see. In general, though, you'll still have a much harder time selling, and a lot less interest, if you don't take staging the home seriously.

Another key factor in today's market is that many buyers are arriving here from other states, especially California. This makes your online property photos/virtual tour more crucial than ever, as a lot of home shopping starts on the internet. Therefore a home that doesn't show well in photos might struggle to get on short lists for viewings by more distantly based potential buyers.

Here are some useful pointers:

  • Honestly ask yourself if you would buy your home in its current condition. If the answer is no, then identify what needs changing and, as best you can, address those issues immediately.
  • If you're really in a hurry to sell, prioritize the work that will make the biggest difference in the shortest time frame.
  • Paint touch-ups and surface cleaning products can actually transform a property in a few hours or days, depending on how much work is needed.
  • Clutter never helped to sell a home, so a thorough life laundry and possibly even using storage to thin out the content of your rooms, will inevitably pay dividends.
  • If time allows, don't wait until you're about to list, or have already listed, before making improvements.

We are always happy to offer advice as to how to optimally present your home for sale, and what to prioritize, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - 435-327-2090.