Making The Most Of The  Busy Summer Homes Market

Earlier in the month we wrote about some very buoyant figures for the Iron County real estate market (click here to read our last blog if you missed it).

Right now is, indeed, a time to strike while the iron is still hot.

For buyers, mortgage rates have taken a further tumble this week. Although there is perhaps a temptation to play a waiting game, to see if there are yet further falls, wise purchasers have already recognized that there is a rare and golden opportunity to lock in a very low rate right now and that speculation on further rate drops is a high risk strategy, as the situation can dramatically change at any time, and it is usually unannounced...

So if you're thinking of selling, there is equal urgency, as you can list now and ride on the crest of the new wave of buyer sentiment. There are simply no guarantees that these fantastic rates, which compare favorably with any period in the past five decades, will continue into the fall and beyond. That, of course, has implications if you're planning to buy another home yourself.

And if you're contemplating either starting or growing a property investment portfolio that requires some borrowing, it really doesn't pay to gamble by waiting.

With just a few weeks left before the kids go back to school, many buyers are busy trying to make deals with that deadline in mind.

We're also heading into the "monsoon" season here with changeable weather, which of course makes viewing homes a bit easier, with somewhat cooler temperatures for a while.

There are so many reasons to seize this moment. Why not contact us today to discuss your best forward strategy.