The Local Homes Market Needs Sellers Right Now!

We're really excited to share the above very latest Cedar City/Enoch real estate market graph with you, depicting current active (blue line), pending (red) and sold (green) homes in Cedar City and Enoch.

Your attention is particularly drawn to the red pending line. This demonstrates the fantastic levels of sales activity in our marketplace right now!

Considering that it's so early in the year, this is an incredibly encouraging sign for prospects in the area during 2017.

The relationship of the blue active line to the red pending line is very significant, as it indicates how near pending sales are to absorbing most available homes in several price sectors.

If you've been considering selling your home when spring arrives, hopefully you can see that this graph is overwhelmingly suggesting that there's a great deal of sense in listing now.

Such high demand will inevitably have a further impact on the numbers of homes for sale in most market sectors, so if you list now you'll be able to benefit from less competition with other sellers and consequential asking price robustness.

Don't delay any longer. Contact us today for an informal discussion of the best way for you to take full advantage of this great situation.