It's Taking Even Less Time On Average To Sell Your Home!

We've been studying a range of recent Iron County real estate statistics, and one that really stands out is that it's taking even less time, on average, to sell your home in Iron County!

The average number of days a home is on the market had fallen by just over 43% in the past year at the end of last month.

As the Days On Market graph above demonstrates, September saw a big drop compared with the spike we saw in August and the average days on market now outperforms any month in the past year. This is especially remarkable, given the tremendous year that the market has seen here.

And this is happening in spite of a growing inventory of listings on the market since February. Even better, sold prices in September matched the year-plus high we saw in July.

This is strong evidence that buyers are very likely responding to having more choice once again. Some may have been put off by making consistent unsuccessful bids for homes.

These are great conditions for sellers as we continue through the fall. And let's not forget that many current buyers will want to be in their new homes for the holidays, as a further incentive.

Our market is always very active through fall and winter and it's a complete myth to think otherwise, so why not contact us today at 435-327-2090 to discuss your best options.