Homes Will Still Sell - With The Right Agent!

The three top-of-the-market homes above have all been sold by us very recently, among several others.

Even though this is a tougher market than we've been used to for a very long time, homes are still selling.

But it's essential to team up with the right agent!

So how are we succeeding where others might fail?

We ensure that the home is priced right within the current market conditions. This is a more precise science than it has been for some time. It's easy to under price a home. We avoid that by studying the market literally day-by-day and use our deep experience to arrive at a price that will still attract buyers but achieves the maximum possible return for you.

We talk straight with you about the market and what you need to do. This is not a time to hide your head in the sand about a more challenging market. Doing so will likely mean that your home remains unsold, putting your future plans on hold. Clients have ultimately thanked us for being so frank with them, as it has been the difference between success and a lot of disappointment.

Presentation of your home is simply far more important than it has been in recent times, where homes would often sell regardless of condition. We offer practical suggestions that help you to make the property as attractive to as many buyers as possible.  

But perhaps above all, we simply work harder for you, in terms of aggressively marketing your property and making important daily connections with people who can influence the sale. 

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