Holiday Season... Sell? Or Wait? - Some Pro Tips to Consider

It's one of the biggest myths in real estate that homes do not sell as the holidays approach.

The simple truth is that those sellers who withdraw from the market at this time are making it much easier for those who continue to list, reducing competition...

And if that weren't a good enough reason to continue, here's some more:

  • With fewer transactions at this time of year, sales can happen faster.
  • Your home's interior is arguably more welcoming for viewers at holiday time than at any other stage of the year.
  • We are fast approaching the time of year when job relocation is most common. Buyers looking to make a move for this reason will continue to actively look for their next home as they have a deadline to meet.
  • Very busy people often find that the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to view properties at a more relaxing time of year.
  • Tax considerations can add extra motivation to closing a purchase before year end.
  • Buyers are very keen to move-in before the holidays.

In addition to these very valid reasons, there have been encouraging signs of a possible sustained downturn in mortgage rates. While the effect is slight at the moment, we could see an unusually busy end to the year if the trend continues.

And if you have family visiting, it's no problem at all to arrange any viewings to avoid certain time periods.

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