Great Reasons to List Your Home Right Now

If you've been on the fence about when to list your home, there are some compelling reasons to do so right now.

  • As we head into March, it's still relatively early in the real estate year and there are some real opportunities for sellers.
  • Inventory of available homes in Iron County is at the lowest level for nine months, meaning less competition than any time since last April!
  • As we get nearer to spring and summer, inventory numbers will inevitably grow, so listing right now is a fantastic opportunity to get ahead of the curve.
  • Our market is correcting and we are seeing big price reductions on all inventory on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Playing a waiting game before listing could therefore mean lower returns in the coming months, especially if mortgage rates continue their current upward trend.
  • We are anticipating upwards of a 10% correction in property values throughout the year, so the longer you wait the more it could adversely affect your return.

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