Great Home Maintenance Tips For Fall!

In case you weren't aware, next Tuesday will be the first day of fall.

And while the weather is holding up really well at the moment, temperatures will soon start to significantly drop and we could even be just a few weeks away from the first snow...

It therefore makes total sense to get your essential fall home maintenance done right now while it's still warm and before any uncompleted tasks begin to cause issues.

So here goes with a few suggestions:

Concrete - If any concrete areas have started to show cracks during this hot and dry summer, this could get a lot worse when the freeze gets here, so reparations now should be seen as a great preventive measure.

Outdoor lights - Even though it's best to have them all working all year round, it's very important to have safe and effective exterior lights as the hours of darkness increase.

Trees and shrubs - Falling branches can pose a safety risk in stormy conditions, so pruning right now minimizes the risks. Thin or brown pines, dead branches and even very early leaf color changes can all be strong indications of a need for treatment.

Critters - We all like to be cozy in our homes in the cold days and nights ahead and critters love to join us. Therefore now is the time to be sealing holes and gaps that might enable them to share your indoor warmth.

Gutters and downspouts - Take measures to avoid blockages caused by leaves as they fall into your gutters and downspouts. It's also vital to make sure that rainwater is directed at least three or four feet away from areas where it might seep into your foundations, causing potentially very expensive damage to repair.

Roofs - It's never a great plan to wait and see if your roof might have a leak when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Carry out an inspection now to locate broken or missing shingles, for example. Binoculars can really help.

Air sealing - Air leakage is a year round situation to avoid in your home. In summer it costs more to cool your home and you will also lose precious and expensive heating in fall and winter. Ensure doors and windows are sealed correctly with appropriate weatherstripping and/or sealants.

Heating system - At the very minimum, you should be making sure that furnace air filters are being replaced at the recommended intervals. A full service is ideal, not least as HVAC systems have a nasty habit of breaking down when you most need them, such as right in the middle of the holidays...

Sprinkler systems - These will very soon need to be winterized. Compressed air is a great way of clearing pipes of residual water that could freeze and create a burst, causing problems when everything is switched back on in the spring.

Lawns - Sowing of cool weather grass seeds is best done at this time.

Mulch - Laying mulch around flower, shrub and bush bases helps them to keep warm and healthy in the coming months.

Ice melt - Check that you already have a good stock of it to avoid problems when the first snow and ice arrives.

Propane - If you have a propane tank, be certain to make sure you are well stocked for fall and winter needs. If you're new to the area, you may be unaware that many local providers have contract payment plans that enable you to spread the cost over time and ensure that you always have gas in the tank.

Carbon monoxide/smoke detectors - Make sure you have adequate detectors for your needs and that they are all functioning correctly.

We hope that at least some of these tips will help you to compile your list of important tasks. As ever, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning real estate.