Do You Have The Right Realtor?

For many home sellers still awaiting success, the beginning of the year is often when current listing arrangements come under review.

If your home hasn't yet sold in the current very lively market conditions, have you asked yourself if you're working with the right agent?

Perhaps it's a good time to ask yourself, and your agent, the following important questions:

Is my agent in constant communication with me? - Very regular communication is essential to ensure that you are fully up-to-date with what your agent is doing on your behalf to get the home sold and, equally importantly, to discuss any areas of fine tuning that may be needed.

Do I actually know what my agent is doing for me? - Has your agent presented a full pro-active marketing plan for your home? If not then you are very unlikely to fully understand what's actually being done for you. If you establish that the agent isn't even working to a pre-determined and well proven plan then the alarm bells should immediately start ringing in your mind.

Is my agent working right now? - A lot of buyers don't appreciate that, for many agents, real estate is not their full-time profession and they have other calls on their time. In fact you could find that your agent isn't even actively involved in selling at this time of the year!

How many homes has my agent sold lately? - If you've been with the same agent for some time, ask to see a very recent record of achievement. This helps to reveal just how hard the agent is working in these winter months and if marketing strategies are effective in the current market conditions.

Although the demand for homes in this area is excellent at the moment (with additional thanks to the very mild winter), the fact remains that some homes still don't receive offers. Although there could be a few reasons for this, an agent who isn't working hard for you is something that can be easily changed.

Why not contact us today and find out how we apply tried and tested techniques all year round, which have led to over 1000 property sales in recent years and an average of 130+ sold year after year