2023 - Experience Matters, ONLY When it's Most Needed

Iron County real estate has started 2023 in much the same shape as at the end of last year with a more challenging market than the one we have been used to for the past few years.

Crucially, however, the market has corrected rather than collapsed and there's no question in our minds that the demand is there and, when interest rates drop significantly, we expect to see a lot more buyers entering, and indeed re-entering, the market.

But that doesn't mean to say that a good number of homes aren't selling right now. Not everyone needs a mortgage, after all, and some buyers simply have to move in a certain time frame, for a variety of reasons.

Given that selling a home isn't the comparatively easy process it was, even as recently as this time last year, it follows that teaming up with the right listing agent is more crucial than for many years.

Here are the some of the key qualities you need to look for:

Track record/reputation - Can the agent demonstrate an impressive list of recent and long term sales of listings? What are other clients' experiences in online reviews? You'd be surprised how many agents out there sold few, if any homes, in 2022.

Long term experience - Has the agent successfully operated in previous challenging market conditions? Agents who have only been running their business in the past few boom years will not have the essential experience of knowing how much more it takes to get a home sold when market conditions aren't as favorable.

Marketing skills - There was a time not too long ago when a high percentage of homes were selling almost as soon as they hit the market, sometimes even before they were listed! That's no longer the case, so you need to see evidence of the agent's marketing strategy to get your home sold in more turbulent conditions. Look for a detailed approach that covers a full range of online and other promotion, together with a plan to contact people who can influence the sale on a daily basis.

Straight shooter? - A high percentage of agents will seemingly do anything to avoid a tough conversation with a client. Right now, a bit of straight talking, often about asking price, is very necessary to achieve the right end result. Look carefully for this quality in an agent.

Be thorough - Make a list of questions and concerns that you'd like a shortlist of agents to answer. The answers will tell you a lot about how good a match each agent's approach is to your needs.

We believe we can match and indeed exceed all the above expectations. But don't take our word for it. Here are some snippets of recent client reviews that we believe speak volumes:

"They always gave us the very best advice at every stage, based on vast experience and in-depth knowledge of local market trends, enabling us to make informed decisions that led to success."

"Jared and his team was the best, we listed our house and within 10 days it was under contract."

"Made it simple and seamless."

"The team held my hand throughout the entire process. It was effortless to sell a home through them."

We'd love to help you too, so reach out to us today at 435-327-2090.