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June 21, 2017

Summer's Here! - Is It The Best Ever Home Seller's Market in Iron County?

 Summer's Here! - Is It The Best Ever Home Seller's Market in Iron County?

Today is the first official day of summer, and we're also at about the halfway mark in 2017. It's therefore an ideal moment to reflect on what we've seen in the Iron County real estate market in recent months and look where we're headed.

We've seen homes selling very quickly and exceptional levels of sales. While the low inventory of available homes we've been witnessing for some time now isn't the best news for buyers, it hasn't dampened enthusiasm to purchase. We've consequently seen great returns for sellers, who have also enjoyed reduced competition in the market.

Mortgage rates are still incredibly low and we're now more or less back to the position we were in before the rate rises we saw after the election last November. This clearly helps to keep buyer sentiment at sky high levels, as we all know that such low rates aren't permanently sustainable and there's a bunch of sense in locking in a low rate.

So it's still a great opportunity for buyers and arguably the best seller's market conditions we've ever seen.

And now summer's here we're at peak selling season, so there's an even more compelling incentive to list your property right now, especially if you've been delaying the decision.

Why not contact us today for an informal chat about making the most of this great situation while the sun shines!

June 1, 2017

Two beautiful Cedar City lots in the Temple View Heights Subdivision

Or video shows two beautiful Cedar City lots in the Temple View Heights Subdivision, both perfect for a home with a walkout basement with extraordinary views of the temple and the mountains. Could one of these lots be the location of your dream home!

Click the links to find out more and contact us today to arrange a detailed viewing.

May 18, 2017

The Critical Importance of Correct House Pricing

The Critical Importance of Correct House Pricing

Has your home been on the market for some time, but somehow isn't selling?

Have you considered that the reason could be incorrect pricing?

While the current Iron County market is very buoyant, a home that's not priced "in the market" will often not attract viewings because buyers perceive it to be too expensive in comparison with similar competing properties.

So how does this regrettable situation arise?

Sellers often look on the generic home price estimating websites and get an inflated, and very inaccurate price. Unfortunately some agents will go along with this estimate just to secure the listing. The ultimate result is a home that doesn't attract interest and which remains unsold while others that are correctly priced usually sell very rapidly in the current conditions.

It's therefore essential to engage with the right agent, who will optimally price the home to attract interest, given the up to minute situation in the market. With prices rising for some time now, this is a constantly moving target and the professional agent has access to this data and knows how to interpret it to arrive at a highly optimized suggested listing price.

Accurate and successful pricing strategies are usually very delicate balance. When done correctly, the effect is to attract a great deal of interest in the property, with several viewings from interested and qualified buyers, often followed, especially these days, with multiple offers that can even rise above the asking price!

There is simply no substitute for intimate market knowledge and wide experience when it comes to pricing a property to optimize the return in the shortest possible time frame. Why not contact us today and we'll show you our outstanding track record that sees us selling an average of 130+ homes in the area every single year!

May 4, 2017

A Great Time To Sell With Exceptional Market Activity

 A Great Time To Sell With Exceptional Market Activity

Today I thought I would share with you some exciting recent real estate market stats for Cedar City and Enoch.

The above graph shows that we are seeing some exceptional pending sales activity across most of the market.

You'll notice how the red pending line roughly matches most of the contours of the blue current active listings line.

This again reinforces how quickly homes are selling and these statistics do not take into account the important fact that we are now heading into the traditionally busiest sales months of the year.

It therefore seems reasonable to expect demand to chase supply even more closely as spring makes way for summer.

It should also not be forgotten that mortgage rates have been falling and are currently near the lowest levels this year. This can only add to the already vibrant buyer sentiment the above graph amply demonstrates.

So if you're considering listing your home soon, here are yet more great incentives to do so.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss how to best capitalize on this fantastic opportunity.

April 20, 2017

A Fantastic Opportunity to Build Your Cedar City Dream Home, But Time Is Running Out...

Low inventory of available homes for sale continues to be a major issue in the area.

While it's mostly great news for sellers, it can be very frustrating if buyers cannot find exactly what they're looking for.

If that sounds like you, or if you'd simply prefer a custom-built home, can we draw your attention to the possibilities at the Hunter Glen sub-division, a wonderfully-situated edge of Cedar City location.

Since development started at Hunter Glen, it has proved to be an extremely popular option. So much so, in fact, that there are now just 17 lots remaining at just $37,500!!! Take a look at our video above to see the plots that are currently still available.

All lots are ready for homes. Curb and gutter, sidewalk plus all amenities are already stubbed to each quarter acre lot.

This is a marvelous opportunity to get exactly the home you're looking for, but may have found difficult to secure, given the current short supply situation.

We can help you at every stage of realizing your dream, so why not contact us today to find out much more.

April 6, 2017

What Makes A Real Estate Agent A Rock Star Performer?

 What Makes A Real Estate Agent A Rock Star Performer?

Clearly there is no shortage of agents out there wanting to list your home.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that every agent makes the same efforts on your behalf.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® the average agent sells just four homes during the year. That's just one every three months...

This automatically suggests that many agents aren't solely working at selling homes and have other calls on their time.

So what, you might ask, does a top performing agent sell a year?

Over recent years we have averaged over 130 sold properties per year. That's over 11 per month on a highly consistent basis!

To give you some more perspective on this, this ranks us in the top 1% of realtors nationwide. Yet another statistic that demonstrates how easy it is to team up with an agent that's not going to put everything into selling your home.

But you may be thinking how important that is when the market is so active at the moment and demand often exceeds supply?

The answer is that top performing agents do many things that most agents don't to get the best results. One example is prospecting for hours every day, connecting with a wide range of people who might be interested in your home or can positively influence the sale. This, among other active marketing intiatives, inevitably creates more interest in your property and is far more likely to lead to competitive bidding, helping you to get the very best return.

This is why it's vitally important that you always check out the agent's recent and long term track record.

Why not contact us today for a more in-depth explanation of how we go the extra mile for our clients to get top results that rank high nationally

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March 17, 2017

Low Inventory - A Potential Pot of Gold for Home Sellers Right Now!

Low Inventory - A Potential Pot of Gold for Home Sellers Right Now!

First of all, a very happy St Patrick's Day to you. As this is a day when we all traditionally hope to find a pot of gold, I can point potential home sellers to a major opportunity that exists right now!

Low inventory of available homes for sale continues to be a significant factor in Iron County.

If you're selling, low inventory means that you have less competition from other homeowners with similar properties, affording you greater market visibility and the ability to hold your asking price more robustly. Indeed a nicely maintained and well specified home that compares favorably with competitors stands a good chance of attracting multiple offers, possibly even going beyond the asking price.

For buyers there's less choice at any given price point and, quite possibly, some difficulty in finding exactly the right specification of home. Despite this, however, buyer sentiment continues to be a very high level.

Looking ahead to later this year, it will be interesting to see how that sentiment sustains if the Fed carries out its intention to continue to raise interest rates, just as it has done this week. While these interest rates don't necessarily have a direct effect on mortgage rates, they could start to erode affordability of homes for some people later this year, so there's another incentive to list your home right now!

As always, we'd be delighted to discuss how best to take advantage of the current market in your own situation and create a tailored strategy to get your home sold in the quickest time for the best return. Why not contact us today

March 3, 2017

Why Now Is A Great Time For Income/Rental Property Investment In Iron County

Income/Rental Property Investment In Iron County

Conditions for selling and/or buying a home are superb at the moment and the same applies in the local income/rental property investment arena.

This is a hot market right now.

If you have investment properties that you'd like to cash in on, there's a great opportunity at present, due to a shortage of available properties and high buyer/renter demand.

If you're looking to add to or start building a property investment portfolio, while it's great that stocks have been up since the election, it should never be forgotten that markets are volatile, while property is arguably the most reliable and safe long term investment.

And while home ownership is on the rise, the rental sector is also predicted to continue to be very strong in any foreseeable future. Therefore the possibility of developing a strong and growing passive income stream from rentals is as good as, or even better than, ever.

We always have listings that make great investment properties and have huge experience in helping our clients develop and exploit their portfolios to the max.

Why not contact us today for an informal discussion of how you can make the most of the current fantastic opportunities.

Feb. 17, 2017

Awakening The American Dream

Awakening The American Dream

It's reckoned that there are over 9 million adults who can qualify for a mortgage, but have yet to own a place of their own.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Many Americans simply don't believe they have the financial capability to have a place of their own and continue to rent, when they could in fact break the cycle.

This is especially sad when you consider the huge equity gains made by homeowners in recent years. It's reckoned that the average home equity more than doubled between June 2011 and June 2016.

Closer to home, homeowners gained an average of $19K in equity between June 2015 and June 2016 alone.

The other near certainty with renting is that it will always continue to get more expensive, due to high demand that is predicted to last into any foreseeable future. A fixed rate mortgage, on the other hand, will never rise.

There are so many compelling reasons for owning your own home, so why not contact us today.We can put you in touch with the top mortage professionals in the area. If anyone can get you, a friend or a relative qualified for a home loan, they are the go-to people.

Feb. 3, 2017

Which agent... is the RIGHT agent?

Which agent... is the RIGHT agent?

According to the National Association of Realtors the average agent in the U.S. will sell just shy of 3 homes this year.. Would it be a surprise to know how many homes the average agent in Iron County sells each year?

Are you under the impression that most agents do the same things to get a home sold? If so, that is a very common misconception... so, what do agents do differently?

If an agent sells well in execs of a 100 homes a year... while others are selling 4 to 5 a year... I think it's safe to say... there is a BIG difference in what agents do/provide.

Are you familiar with the concept of a pro-active agent vs passive agent...?

Passive agents are the ones you need to avoid, although it's far more likely that, if you don't do your research, that's the type you're most likely to end up with.

A passive agent will simply list your home on the multiple listing service (MLS) and pretty much sit back and wait for other agents to sell it...

While the law of averages means homes will get sold occasionally without effort, hence the figure of less than a handful a year, sellers who are unfortunate enough to have engaged a passive agent will soon notice how other similar homes in the area are finding buyers, while theirs remains on the market with little or no interest.

It therefore follows that, before you hire an agent for the vital job of selling your home, you establish that he/she is an active agent.

Active agents will carry out a vigorous program of promoting the home on their website and via social networks and talk to a wide range of prospective buyers by cold canvassing each and every day. They'll also be proactively liaising with other top local agents to make sure they are aware of new listings even before they come onto the market.

This is the philosophy we work to here, so if you're thinking of selling and/or buying contact me today and I'll tell you more about the crucial operating differences between active and passive agents.